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Troubleshooting: hardware does not work
Troubleshooting: hardware does not work

Is your receipt printer not working?

Updated over a week ago

If your receipt printer does not work, it could be because of (one of) the following reasons:

The settings have not been selected yet

Check if you have already selected the option to print a receipt. You can find this settings by going to settings > sales > settings; there you can select the option 'Support for thermal receipt printer':


It could be that you have purchased a new printer but are still working on an older laptop or computer with Salonized. In that case it is best to first update the device on which you are using Salonized. Check again if you are able to print after the update.

The printer is not properly installed

It could also be that your printer is not properly installed and that that is the reason why you cannot print. When you cannot print in Salonized, first try to print via a different page, so not within Salonized, but on a whole different page in your web browser. Are you also not able to print anything on that page? Then please contact your receipt printer supplier.

If you have tried the steps above and are able to print via other pages, but not in Salonized, then please get in touch with our support team.

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