In your account, you can find the booking widget with all the online bookable services. But now you can also create a custom widget containing just one service or a few services.

Why is this useful? It allows you to promote certain services by putting a "book now" button next to a specific treatment on your website. This way the customer doesn't have to scroll through the general booking widget looking for that treatment, but is directed to the right one with one click.

Creating a widget for a specific service

  • Select the service(s) you want to show in the booking widget one by one. Or click on a category to select all services in that category at once.

    Please note: Services that are set to 'not bookable online' in your account can also be selected. This allows you to create a separate widget for a service that is not shown in the general booking widget.

  • If necessary, select the employee(s) to determine in which calendar the appointments should be booked. Leave this field blank if appointments can be booked with all employees.

  • Click on 'Generate code'. You can create a booking widget link and a code. Read about the difference below.

  • Copy the code or the link and use it on your website, in a Facebook post or in a newsletter!

📣 Tip: You can see a preview of the booking widget by copying the online booking widget link and pasting it into a new tab.

Creating a widget for an employee

It is also possible to create a separate widget for an employee. All appointments booked via this link will immediately appear in his/her calendar.

  • Go to Info > Promote > Online booking widget > Custom widget

  • At the bottom, select the employee for whom you want to create the link.

  • Click on 'Generate code'

  • Copy the code or the link and use it on your website, in a Facebook post or in a newsletter!

Difference between the online booking widget link and the code

At the bottom of the page you can generate two different codes: a link and a code.

The link is a stand-alone URL that opens a new web page with the widget. You can use this when you want to create your own button on your website. You can then paste the link behind this button. When the customer clicks the button, the widget opens in a new tab.

You can use the code to place the booking widget on a specific page of your website. The booking widget will then appear on the page where you choose to display it. Read here how to integrate the code into your website.

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