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Filtering customers in the Newsletter
Filtering customers in the Newsletter

Learn how to filter a customer segment

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Besides creating the newsletter from Salonized, it's possible to filter customers group to send it for them!

And why is this an awesome function? With it you can create more targeted segmentations to send your newsletter to the right customers!

📣 This function is a piece of the Newsletter feature of The Salonized Premium Marketing Area. It's part of an additional paid plan (filled with nice benefits!) that you can add to your account.

Filtering customers

To filter the customers you want, the first step is to click on the icon of the Marketing Area.

After that you need to open the 'Email' page in the menu.

By opening this page, you can click on the 'Send a message' button:

In this page you will find the 'Who is going to receive it' section.
Inside this section you will see the 'Who to send' part. There you can choose between 'All customers' or 'Filter customers'.

When clicking on 'Filter customer' you can add filters to select who will receive the newsletter, e.g. by Age and Gender:

With the filters applied, you will see the labels and the number of customers in this segmentation that will receive the newsletter:

After selecting the filters, your email is ready to go! ✨

You can also Save the filter group. When clicking on it, will open a pop up to create and name the new filter group:

After saving the filter group, you just need to click the Send button and the newsletter is ready to go! ✨

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