The general settings are fully geared towards the location where you operate.Want to change any of these settings? We'll explain you how to do that.

You'll find general account settings in the Admin.

Go to Admin > General > Settings (left menu) to adjust the settings.

1. Language

You can choose from four languages for you Salonized account: English, German, Dutch and Croatian.

2. Language for customers

The language you set here, affects the language on your mini website and online booking widget and influences how dates and times are displayed in e-mails to customers.

3. Time zone

The time zone you set, determines which time zone appointments are scheduled in your calendar.

4. Currencies

The currency you enter will be used on invoices you create for customers.

5. Format times

Determines how times are shown in your calendar and in your booking widget.

6. IP security

You can decide which devices have access to your Salonized account. Each device has its own unique IP address. By entering this in the field, access to your Salonized account is limited to devices with this IP address only. You can find the unique IP address of your device via

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