Have you forgotten your password? No worries! Follow these steps to regain access to your Salonized account or just renew your password by clicking on the following link: lost password.

Fill in your email address and follow the further instructions to create a new password.

Or follow these steps;

  • Go to www.salonized.com

  • Click right on 'login'

  • Click on 'forgot password?' under the login screen

  • Enter the email address that you always use to log into Salonized

  • Open the email that will immediately be sent from Salonized and click on the link titled 'Restore password'

  • Enter your new chosen password

Once you have entered your new password, you will automatically have access to your Salonized account.

Change Password

Follow these steps to quickly and easily change your password

  • Click on the little fellow right above

  • Go to 'Account Settings'

  • Click on 'password'

  • Change your password here and press save

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