Adding new customers

There are four ways to add new customers to your Salonized account, which we will explain in this article.

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There are four ways to add new customers to your Salonized account, which I will explain in this article.

Manually adding a customer

Go to the Customers page and click the Add Customer button in the top right.

The required fields are: first name and last name. The remaining fields are optional. After saving, you will immediately see the customer's profile.

Adding a customer from the calendar

Of course, a new customer can also call you to make an appointment. In this case, you will want to process this quickly without having to create a new customer first.

To do this quickly, click on the day and time in the calendar when the customer wants to schedule the appointment. The customer will not appear on the screen that you will then see, but click on the plus icon to add a new customer. Or, fill in the customer's name and click on " create xxx"

When a new customer makes an online appointment

As soon as a new customer makes an online appointment, they are required to fill in their first and last name, phone number and e-mail address. If the customer is not in your file yet, a new customer profile will be created. This is determined on the basis of the email address used.

Importing a customer file

If you are already using another program, you can often export a customer list in an Excel or CSV file. Once you have done this, you can then import your file as a .csv file into Salonized.

Here’s how to do this: Go to the Customer Management page Click on the "Import customers" button in the top right You will then see the following screen:

Choose file, which is when you need to select your .csv file Click Next Step in the top right.

You will now see an example of the imported data. With each column, you can manually select the data displayed below. Make sure that it is correct for each column. Sometimes, data may not be relevant within Salonized, in which case you can just ignore it.

Once you've done this, click on Start Import in the top right. Now you have finished! Your data will be imported and you will automatically receive an email when it is ready.

Need help importing your file? Please contact our support team. We’re happy to help!

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