Learn more about: merging customers when customers have been entered into Salonized twice. 

If a customer is noted in the system twice, you can join these client-profiles together, so you can conserve all data and you won't have to delete either of them.

How can this occur?

  • If you've entered a client twice

  • If a customer books an appointment online with a different e-mail address than the one noted in the system.

Merging customers: step-by-step approach

  • Open the tab 'Customers'

  • Select a customer

  • Click 'Merge Customer' in the upper right-hand corner

  • Search and select the name of the customer that you'd like to merge this customer with in the next screen and confirm

Please note: the customer that you've selected overwrites the NAW-data of the customer that you will overwrite. So make sure you're viewing the correct customer card (address, phone number) before you pick a customer to merge with. As a confirmation, the system will show you which e-mail address will be saved (this is the most recent one).

Which data will be joined?

All the client's archived files, as the number of appointments, number of invoices, income, treatment reports and history.

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