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Here you'll learn how to add products, EAN codes for the barcode scanner and importing a product list.

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You can add products in different ways. On this page you'll learn how to do so. You can do this per product (manually) or by importing a file with products in one go (via a csv or excel file).

Adding products manually

  1. Go to the Products page

  2. Click on New Product in the upper-right corner

Then you fill in all the details for a product.

  • The EAN code: This allows you to scan products with a barcode scanner. This is the number below the barcode on the product. When you scan this product, the correct product automatically appears in the cash register.

  • Part number: if you enter this number you can also search for this number instead of the product name

  • Category: you can optionally indicate within which product category the product falls

  • VAT: select the VAT rate applicable to this product

  • Supplier: this is important to be able to place a stock order through Salonized

  • Manage stock order: read here how this works

Importing products

You can also import all your products in one go. What you need is a file with all the products that you use and/or sell in your salon.

If you have used another software programme, it is often possible to export the list of products using an excel or csv file. It is also possible to request a list of products from your supplier. Please go through this list and filter first, so that you only import the products that you actually use in your salon.

Step-by-step plan

  1. Go to the Products page

  2. Click on Import at the top right

In the next screen you choose the csv or excel file and click on '"Start import"' in the top-right corner to continue with the importing process.

You will now see a preview of the imported data. For each column, you can manually enter the value you want to see above it. Make sure that this is correct for each column. Sometimes a value is not relevant for Salonized or cannot be imported, in that case leave it on ignore. When all values are correct, click on "Start import".

You can also directly indicate the current stock in your product file and include it in the import.

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