Manage product stock

Enable stock management, receive notifications of products that are insufficiently in stock and set up new orders.

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Salonized allows you to automatically track your stock for products. This article tells you how to enable stock management and how to enter stock for a product.

Enabling stock management

Salonized has 4 details per product related to stock management:

  1. Automatic stock management status: enabled or disabled

  2. Minimum stock (determines when you receive a notification that a product is out of stock)

  3. Current stock.

  4. Maximum stock (the maximum amount you want to have in stock)

When you create a new product or edit a product, you can enter these details. To do this, first check the "Manage stock order" box.

Maximum stock

When you make a new order, we can automatically give you an order recommendation based on minimum stock, current stock and maximum desired stock.

If the current stock is lower than the minimum stock value, we calculate how much you need to order so that your stock is replenished to the maximum value.

Importing product file with stock

You need a .csv or excel file for this. In that file, you can directly include minimum stock, current stock and maximum stock, so you don't have to enter this manually for products.

  1. Go to the Products page

  2. Click on 'Import' in the top right-hand corner;

In the next screen that appears, upload the csv or excel file and click "Start import" at the top right.

Now you get to see a preview of the imported data. For each column, you can indicate what the column refers to. Make sure this is correct for each column. Sometimes a value is not relevant to Salonized, in that case leave it on ignore. Once all the values are correct, click "Start import".

Below you can also see the columns for stock management filled in (stock management enabled; 0 is off, 1 is on, current stock and minimum stock and maximum stock).

Enabling automatic stock management at a later time

You can automate stock management at a later time, but then of course stock management must be enabled for the products and a current stock must be entered.

The quickest way to do this is as follows:

  1. Download your products file via Settings > Data export > Products (excel)

  2. Adjust only the stock columns in this file

  3. Send this excel file back to, then we can update the products based on the ID number (the ID number Salonized created for each product), therefore it is important that you do not change anything else in the file.

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