The purpose of the drawer is to keep track on your income and expenses. It is a control mechanism to help you get a correct financial overview. In addition to this, cash, pin and creditcard payments are registered and displayed in a simple overview.


How do I start?

To add your current cash amount in your drawer,

  1. Click on Edit current cash

  2. Fill in the amount

How do I add cash expenses or transactions?

If you take money out of the drawer to for example get lunch, click on New transaction.

Now fill in a description, for example buying lunch and then fill in the amount with a minus (-) sign. So If you take 15 pounds, you fill in -15 pounds. The transaction function also applies to when at the end of the day you bring money to the bank.

What is 'balance today'?

The ‘balance today’ shows you the amount of money in your current drawer cash relative to the beginning of the day.

For example when you have £300 in your drawer cash at the beginning of the day and because of some sales it now has £428 in cash, this field will show that your balance today is £128.

Where do I find an overview of all the payment methods?

You can find that by going to Reports -> Totals.

On the left side you see the totals. On the right side you see the payment methods.

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