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Link barcode scanner to Salonized
Link barcode scanner to Salonized

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If you want, you can use a barcode scanner to scan your products, so that they are automatically transferred to the cash register. To do this it is necessary to add the EAN code of the article. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Select the Products icon in the blue bar

  2. Click on the New Product button

In the following screen you can enter the EAN code/ barcode (manually or by clicking with your mouse and then scan the product with the barcode scanner). Don't forget to click on 'Save' when you're done filling in the details.

The EAN code is the number under the barcode on the product. When you fill in this field you can use a barcode scanner in your salon. When you then scan the product, the correct one will automatically appear in the cash register.

Tip: ask your supplier for a product list with EAN numbers in an excel file. This can be imported into your Salonized account.

Scanning products

Once you have provided the products with an EAN number, you are ready to scan them. Attach the barcode scanner to your laptop/computer just like you would connect a mouse or keyboard. Then follow these steps to scan a product:

  1. Go to the cash register (shopping cart icon)

  2. Click on "search or scan all items"

  3. Scan the product and the product will appear

  4. Select the product

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