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This help page explains how to use gift cards in our software system.

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This help page explains how to use gift cards in our software system. We cover the following topics: how to create a gift card, how to redeem a gift card and how to manage gift cards in your administration.

A gift card is a piece of paper that is worth a particular amount of money and that can be exchanged for goods in a shop/store. A gift card is excluding VAT. When a customer redeems a card, he uses it to pay for a product or service. The service or product that is purchased is including VAT.


Create a New Gift Card

Follow these steps to create a new gift card:

  1. Go to the 'Register'

  2. Click on 'Gift card' and give the card an identification number

You can either fill in a number manually or use the two circling arrows to generate a random one.

3. Fill in the cash amount the card is worth and select an expiration date. Note: A gift card must be valid for at least one year.


Purchase a Gift Card

When you have created a gift card it will appear on the right side of the cash register. Now you can continue the regular check out process.

When the client has purchased the gift card it will appear under Gift card in the Sales section. This is where you receive an overview of all gift cards. A gift card can receive or change to one of the following statuses:

  • Spent All

  • Valid

  • Spent

  • Expired

When a client wants to redeem a Gift card follow these steps:

  1. Select service and product and click on checkout

  2. In the check out section click on Add Gift card

  1. Fill in the number of the gift card, select the correct card and click on save

  2. Select what amount, from the card, the customer would like to redeem. If the amount of the gift card is higher than the amount outstanding, the remaining amount will be saved.


Expiration Date

A gift card is valid for at least one year. This is the default setting. Of course, you can extend the expiration date to your preference, for example, three years.

If a customer tries to pay with an expired gift card you have the choice to accept or reject the payment. You will then receive a notification that the gift card is expired following with an option to reject or accept the payment.


Online Gift Card

At the moment, it is not possible to send a gift card online with a download link. Alternatively, it is possible to send the gift cards identification number. With the ID number, anyone can use the gift card as a payment method.


Book keeping/Accounting

In your reports, go to totals to see how many gift cards have been sold and how much income you made on redeemed cards. This is essential information for your tax statements.

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