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Sending invoices to customers
Sending invoices to customers

Send a digital receipt to your customers after checkout or send a payment reminder at a later date.

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After checking out you can easily send your customers a digital receipt/invoice by email. You'll see this option after completing an invoice.

Click on "send digital invoice" to send the invoice to your client.


What does the digital invoice look like?

The image below is an example of a digital invoice. The email will contain the original PDF invoice as an attachment.


Sending an invoice again/ Sending a payment reminder

A customer might want to receive their invoice after all in the future. Or you might want to send a payment reminder for an outstanding invoice. Follow these steps to (re)send an invoice to a customer:

  1. Go to the cash register (the shopping cart icon).

  2. Click on "Invoices".

  3. Type in the customer's name in the search bar to find the correct invoice.

  4. Click on the correct invoice line. A new window will open with the invoice details.

  5. Click on the "email invoice" button on the right-hand side.

6. You can add a message to the email in the following screen. Then click "send".

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