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Learn more about: drafting invoices, adding a VAT- number to your invoice, adding a logo to your invoice.

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Learn more about: drafting invoices, adding a VAT- number to your invoice, adding a logo to your invoice.

On this page, you will learn more about the setup of invoices in Salonized and where you can customize billing information.

Edit billing information

We show you a sample invoice below.

  1. Logo

Your logo will be automatically added to your invoices. Your logo can be uploaded to admin >> Edit Company Information.

2. Billing header

Here the address of your company is being inserted. You can enter this information via Admin >> Sales >> Sales settings >> Invoice header.

3. Customer Information

Here the customer’s data is being inserted. This information is automatically read out from the customer’s client file. You can set it via Admin >> Sales >> Sales settings >> Invoice recipient.

You can customize the customer’s label of the invoice. You can, for example, use first and last name of the customer, or ‘Dear Mr. Brown’ or the address details.

4. Additional logo

If it is necessary to show an additional logo on the invoice, for example for the health insurer, you can upload this extra logo. You can do this via the admin >> sales >> sales settings >> additional invoice image.

5. Fixed data

Here you find the name of the employee, the invoice date and invoice number.

6. Description

Here you find a list of started services and/or products.

7. VAT

The Vat amount is calculated based on the Vat rate of a product/service. If you do not want Vat to be shown on the invoice, you can disable that option via admin >> sales >> sales settings.

8. Additional invoice data for a customer

If there is any additional information required on the invoice, like the customer’s birth date or CSN (Citizen Service Number), you can automatically display this on every invoice. This can be done via customer profile >> edit customer >> additional billing information

9. Invoice marginal notes

On this part of the invoice, you can add data as website, e-mail address, phone number and billing address. You can edit this via admin >> sales >> sales settings >> invoice.

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