This page guides you through the steps of creating a newsletter and sending it to your customers.

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This page guides you through the steps of creating a newsletter and sending it to your customers.


Create an Account

Firstly, you fill in your Email, username and a chosen password to create an account. Remember your username and password as you need these to log into Mailchimp and later on into Salonized.

Secondly, you receive a confirmation Email that you have to confirm.

Mailchimp's Email service is free of charge until a maximum of 12,000 emails and 2,000 customers monthly. This is why they ask you certain questions under the section Organization information.


Make a new List

When your account has been created you can continue with making a new list so that you can synchronize this list with your customer base in Salonized.

  1. Click on Lists

  2. Click on Create list

  1. Fill in the details in the following screen and save the list


Synchronize Salonized with Mailchimp

So, now that you have created a new list, go back to your Salonized account.

  1. Go to Admin and then to Integrations

  2. Click on Mailchimp and connect/synchronize

  3. Fill in your username and password

  4. Select the list that you created beforehand

Now your customers in Salonized are connected to your list in Mailchimp. The synchronization should be completed within a couple of minutes. You can see your customers appear in the list in Mailchimp. When you add new customers to your customer base, they are automatically added to the list.


Create a Newsletter

To create a new newsletter, log into Mailchimp and click on Campagnes in the righthand corner.

  1. Select the first option, regular campaign

  2. Select the correct Email list

  3. Fill in the details of your planned campagne

  4. Select a template or create your own newsletter

  5. If you select a pre-made template, you can adjust the design and fill in your own texts and images

  6. Check if your newsletter meets all the requirements and send it of

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