On this page we explain how to share your Salonized agenda with a Google Calendar, if you do not have a G-mail Account at this time. We also explain how you can then share this Google Calendar with an employee's private email address.

Create a G-mail account

  1. Go to www.gmail.com to create an account for your salon

  2. Then go to www.google.com/calendar and leave this tab open.

Enable integration

  1. Go to "Integrations" in your Salonized account

  2. Enable the Google Calendar integration

  3. Agree with the requested permission

  4. Do you work alone? Then select: All appointments from your company are synchronized with a single Google Calendar

  5. Do you work with a team? Then select: All your appointments are synchronized in a separate Google calendar for each employee

  6. Click after each employee on "create a new calendar:" Google - employee name "

  7. Save the settings at the top right

Sharing the agendas

  1. Go to the Google Calendar tab

  2. The synchronization takes approximately 15 minutes. The agendas that you have just created in Salonized will then appear in the left-hand menu.

  3. You now have a menu on the left with the different agendas per employee

4. Position your mouse on one of the Salonized agendas and click on the arrow next to it

5. Click on "share this agenda"

6. Share with a specific person: enter the private e-mail address of, for example, an employee with whom you want to share this specific agenda. For example, an employee can only receive her appointments in her personal email account.

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