Manage timetable

Easily schedule your company's business hours and employees working hours.

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Our timetable enables you to easily schedule your company's business hours and employee's working hours. This help page provides you with information on how to set availability and working hours.

Opening hours

Setting the correct business hours is extremely important as they define the availability in your online agenda, in which customers can book online appointments. Consequently, employee working hours that are not planned in the timespan of the business hours will not appear as available in the online agenda.

Business hours

When employees work before/ longer than the set business hours, the hours are still counted as working hours. So our software keeps track of the correct timesheet's, even though in these hours employees cannot be booked online.

How to adjust opening or business hours

1. Click on the working hours or business hours on a specific day

2. Then fill in the hours. If you want to plan in a break click on the + sign
3. Then select, if this set working time should be repeated
4. Don't forget to click save

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