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More info on our new Treatwell integration
More info on our new Treatwell integration
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NOTE: do you have a multi-location account in Salonized? Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this integration yet.

NOTE: this integration is only available for salons based in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

About Treatwell

Treatwell is the largest online booking platform of beauty professionals in Europe with over 40,000 salon partners in 13 countries and over 5 million bookings every month. Through Treatwell you are easily found by a target audience that you otherwise would not easily reach. Make use of the online visibility of Treatwell and let their platform do the work for you.

Salonized & Treatwell

We are working together with Treatwell to renew our integration. There are a number of advantages to this:

  • 💸 When you are using both Salonized and Treatwell, you will save yourself monthly costs with this new integration. From this moment onwards, you do not pay double, fixed subscription costs anymore (see cost overview below).

  • 🤝 Thanks to this new integration, it will be possible for you to administrate your Treatwell venue page from Salonized. This means that your Treatwell treatments, appointments, and availability will always be up-to-date.

  • 🎉 You will be able to keep using Treatwell to attract new customers, while you still enjoy all of the handy possibilities of Salonized.

Cost overview

Within this integration, you will only pay your current subscription fee for Salonized and in addition, for each new booking made through Treatwell, you will pay a certain percentage (read more below). You will have no monthly fees for using Treatwell.

At Treatwell, they use a commission system for their partners. This means that per booking made through Treatwell, you pay a certain amount commission. See below an overview:

  • 35% commission on new bookings

  • 0% commission on repeat bookings (within a year)

  • 0% transaction fee on bookings when paid in the salon

  • 2% transaction fee on any booking paid in advance online (also applies to repeat bookings)

During the registration process for this Treatwell integration, you can opt for a professional photoshoot. The one-off cost for this is €99 (excluding VAT). If you already have professional photos, you can also indicate this during the registration process. Photo guidelines will then be shared with you from Treatwell, to which the photos must comply.

Do you want to try our new Treatwell integration? Please let us know via the chat. If you have any questions, we are of course happy to answer them as well. 😄

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