Removing resources

Learn what happens if you remove a resource and how to remove a resource from your Salonized account.

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If you wish to delete one of your resources (a room or tool) you can do so via Settings > Company > Resources

Simply click on the three dots next the resource's name and the click on 'delete'.

Attention! Keep in mind that the resource cannot be attached to any services when you delete it. If you try to delete a resource that is still linked to a service then you will receive this error message:

As you can see, the room that I was trying to remove in this example (The relax room) cannot be deleted because the service 'Ladies haircut' is still linked to this room.

You unlink the service from the resource via the resource page by unchecking the service(s) from the resource and clicking on save. Or you can also do this via the services page by deleting the resource requirement (click on the x or uncheck the room when there are multiple possible rooms to link with):

Once you've done this you can go back to the resources page to delete the resource (The relax room in this case) and you will see the following warning:

If I click yes, the appointments that are (were) linked to that room will still appear in the agenda in the weekly overview so you still have the chance to move it to a different room if needed:

However, it's not possible to see it anymore in the daily view because the column for that room (resource) has been deleted now:

Can you restore a deleted resource?

Yes, that's possible. Go to settings > company > resources for this.

If you click on the 'Active resources' button and then on 'Deleted resources' you will be able to restore removed resources in your account by clicking on the little arrow icon. As soon as you do this, the removed resource's own column in the agenda will be restored and you will see all appointments that are still linked to the resource.

What happens to appointments from removed resources in the agenda?

The appointments are initially kept in the agenda whenever you delete a resource. However, the removed resource will no longer have their own column. Therefore, you will only see these appointments in the weekly overview of the agenda.

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