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Will the Treatwell integration change anything in my Salonized experience?
Will the Treatwell integration change anything in my Salonized experience?
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To ensure that you have a great experience using our new integration with Treatwell Marketplace, a few settings in your Salonized account could work differently. Read more below 👇

Online booking settings

If you go to 'Settings' > 'Online bookings’ > ‘Online payments’ page:

  • By default, on the Treatwell marketplace customers can always choose between 2 payment methods, online payment or pay at the venue. This means that, even if a certain setting is enabled for your customers in Salonized, for bookings made via Treatwell it will not be considered.

  • 🏡 Asking customers for their address → As this setting is not required in Treatwell, even if this requirement is enabled in Salonized, it will not be considered for appointments made through the Treatwell Marketplace:

  • 🌐 Allow new customers to create an appointment online → If this setting is disabled, it will not be considered for the Treatwell integration. The main goal as a salon on Treatwell is to attract new customers, hence why this setting is not relevant for the integration.

  • 📆 Cancelling and rescheduling windows

    Cancelling ❌: On Treatwell, customers always have the option to cancel.

    • If they pay online in advance and they cancel outside the cancellation policy that you've set in Salonized, they will not get an automatic refund.

    • When a customer chooses to pay at the salon, they can always cancel. Salons can then of course still decide to manually send the customer a payment request after all, but there's no guarantee that the customer will then pay a 'cancellation fee'.

    Rescheduling ⏩: Customers always have the option to reschedule, this can also be done last minute. The payment method does not influence the possibility to reschedule or not.

  • How far in advance can the customer book? → you can set in Salonized how far in advance the customer is allowed to book the appointment. This is the 'minimum time between booking and walk-in' setting. Which you can set in your Salonized account through the online bookings settings.

    • For example: do you want customers to book at least a day in advance so that you always have a clear overview? Then change the setting so that customers must always book at least 24 hours in advance. This feature then applies to bookings made through your Salonized booking widget and also right away through the Treatwell Marketplace.

Other important information to keep in mind

  • The Top-Rated status is possible for Salonized customers with the Treatwell integration, currently only in the Netherlands (not yet possible for Belgian or German customers). You can participate in this by enabling feedback messages to be automatically published via the feedback page in Salonized, make sure to save this setting!

  • In Treatwell, you are able to use last-minute discounts to attract customers and fill up your calendar. This functionality is linked to the last-minute discounts in Salonized, which is a feature only available for our customers that have the Pro subscription. Once enabled in Salonized, it will apply directly to your Treatwell page as well, you cannot choose to only apply to Salonized or Treatwell.

    • If you do not have the Pro plan, you will not be able to use last-minute discounts on both Treatwell and Salonized.

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