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Send an e-mail via Salonized (with filters)
Send an e-mail via Salonized (with filters)

In this article you can read how to send part of your customer base an e-mail, based on the filters you have specified.

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You can send customers an e-mail in two ways. For this you can use the "simple" e-mail from Salonized or the Mailchimp program to send a newsletter.

1. Send email from Salonized

In order to send a group of customers an email, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your customer base by clicking on the customer icon in the blue menu bar.

  2. Click on '+Add filter'.

  3. Select one of the options that are shown. After that you can choose to add more filters if applicable.

  4. Once you have the right list, click on 'send message'.

  5. If you have the appointments or basic subscription you will get a basic email pop-up screen where you can add a description and message. However, if you have the Pro subscription, you will be able to also use the 'Newsletter template' which will redirect you to the marketing area. Here you have many options to personalise the email: add a logo, booking widget button, discount code, schedule when it will be sent, etc.

💡 Filter example: if you are sick and need to notify all your customers, click on 'appointments' and select 'appointments today' to email everyone at once to inform them that you are sick and that their appointment will need to be rescheduled.

2. Use e-mail addresses for external newsletters

If you want to send a newsletter to the filtered customers, you can also use our integration with Mailchimp. You can enable the integration with Mailchimp via settings > integration. Read more about it in this article.

Once you've applied the filters in the customer base, you then have to export the filtered segment to Mailchimp. You can download it as a csv or xls file as shown in the screenshot.

You then create a new list for this segment. Give the list a recognisable name (eg "Gellak").

If you then create a new e-mail campaign in Mailchimp, you can choose this specific segment. I created the "Gellak" segment as an example. In Mailchimp it will look something like this:

You first choose the list to whom you wish to send the email to, and then you can select the segment that you created in Salonized.

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