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Send an e-mail via Salonized (with the filter)
Send an e-mail via Salonized (with the filter)

In this article you can read how to send part of your customer base an e-mail, based on the filters you have specified.

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You can send customers an e-mail in two ways. For this you can use the "simple" e-mail from Salonized or the Mailchimp program to send a newsletter.

Email from Salonized

Once you have applied the filter, you can send an email from Salonized. If you click on send message to X number of customers, a new window will open.

You can add a subject and of course also the content of the message. Click save to send the mail to the filtered segment.

Use e-mail addresses for a newsletter

If you want to send a newsletter to the filtered customers, you can use Mailchimp. You then have to export the filtered segment to Mailchimp.

You then create a new list for this segment. Give the list a recognizable name (eg "Gellak").

If you then create a new e-mail campaign in Mailchimp, you can choose this specific segment. I created the "Gellak" segment as an example. In Mailchimp it looks like this:

You first choose the list to whom you wish to send, and then you can select the segment that you have created in Salonized.

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