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General questions about Salonized Pay
General questions about Salonized Pay

Read here what Salonized Pay involves and how it can help you in the salon.

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Salonized Pay simplifies accounting at a glance. In this article, we answer frequently asked questions about Salonized Pay and explain how it simplifies the financial processes in your salon.

What is Salonized Pay and how does it work?

Salonized Pay is a solution that enables integration between your payment terminal and the Salonized cash system. It works with our Basic and Pro packages.

  • Simply order your terminal: At Salonized, you can order a high-quality terminal that perfectly matches the style and needs of your salon. We offer two options:

  • Experience a flawless payment process: no more manual errors or delays. As soon as a customer is ready to pay, the amount is automatically sent from the Salonized cash system to the terminal, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process.

  • Get a comprehensive financial overview: With Salonized Pay, all your financial data is instantly and conveniently available in Salonized. This means less time spent on bookkeeping and more time for what really matters - your customers and their experience in your salon.

With Salonized Pay, you take a step forward. Your salon payments are processed more efficiently and professionally.

What are the costs of Salonized Pay ?

When you start making payments via Salonized Pay, you will be charged 1.5% of the amount paid as a transaction fee. This transaction fee excludes VAT.

Can I use Salonized Pay with any Salonized subscription?

To be able to use Salonized Pay, you need access to our cash register. This means that you can use it with the following subscriptions:

  • Basic

  • Pro

This means that you cannot use Salonized Pay with our appointment package.

Can I use different payment terminals in different areas of my salon?

Currently, Salonized Pay only allows you to connect one terminal to Salonized. We hope to add support for multiple devices in the future, but we don't have a specific timeline for this yet.

Can I use different terminals for my freelance employees to keep these payments separate?

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible.

Can I use my Salonized terminal for other purposes?

This is not possible, the Salonized Pay terminal is linked to your Salonized account. It is therefore not suitable for payments outside the salon.

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