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No more hours spent with your nose inbetween pin receipts for accounting.

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You will agree that a large part of your valuable time will be spent on accounting. Fortunately, Salonized helps with a large part of your accounting, saving you a lot of time.

It is important to first mention that Salonized is not a complete accounting program. You can, however, export all data that is important for accounting (such as daily totals, cash expenditure and invoices) as an excel or .csv file with one push of a button. You can forward this to the bookkeeper or import it into an accounting program. Purchasing invoices cannot be registered in Salonized. You therefore need to keep separate accounts for that.

On this page you can read more about the functionalities in Salonized that help you with your accounting.


Cash register layout

With the cash register layout function you can use Salonized as your assistant to keep track of the cash register. Enabling this function automatically records all cash transactions. Salonized adds these amounts to your current cash register position. If you get money from the cash drawer once, for example for groceries or a payment for a bunch of flowers delivered, you can easily process this. At the end of the day you can see at a glance how much money is in the cash drawer.


Invoice overview

Salonized automatically creates an invoice for each payment based on the data you enter at the checkout. You can easily send this to the customer digitally or print it if necessary. All invoices are displayed in the invoice overview in your account and linked to the correct customer.



The reports function of Salonized gives you a quick insight into the financial performance of your company. This way you can easily see what your total turnover is over a certain period and how this turnover was achieved. You can also see which products and services are best sold within a certain period. Finally, you can also find here how many hours each employee has worked and what the occupancy rate is. You can also see the VAT to be paid per month and quarter in the VAT overview.


Export data

Besides the fact that Salonized offers you insight into your finances, all sales data relevant to your accounting is automatically put in an overview. Via the data export function you can very easily export the totals, invoices, invoice items and cash expenditure. You can share this information with your bookkeeper or import it into an external accounting program. Curious about suitable accounting programs? Then contact us via the chat icon at the bottom right.

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