Processing coupons during checkout, for example VVV vouchers, Groupon or other coupons.

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In this article you can read how to process coupons during payment in Salonized.

A coupon is not the same as a gift voucher. If you want to know how Salonized's gift voucher system works, read on here.

Pay with a coupon

Pick up services or products at the cash register, select an employee and eventually also a customer. Then click on the green checkout button below.

The next step is to choose the correct payment method. You can declare the entire amount on the coupon, or only deduct the coupon value from the total amount.

  • Do you want to pay the entire amount of the Coupon? Do not change the amount on the left, but click directly on Coupon and then on "complete invoice"

  • Do you want to pay off part of the amount on the Coupon? First change the amount to the value of the Coupon in the white box (for example 20, -) and then click on Coupon. The remaining amount is calculated. For example, saved to Cash or Pin.

The totals in terms of coupon payments can be found via:

∙ Reports> Totals
∙ Admin> Export data

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