Adding a success url

Redirect your customers to a "thank you page" after completing a booking and easily collect data for Google Analytics.

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Please note that if you are using Mollie or Stripe as your online payment method, a success URL cannot be used.

You can add the online Salonized agenda to your own website. Only the i-frame (the online booking widget) refreshes after completing a booking, not the whole web page.

If you want to track (in Google Analytics) how many visitors actually book an appointment on the page that contains your online booking widget, you can create a special "thank you for booking" page. The link to that page is what we call a success url.

Now you'll have two figures that you can compare;

  • the amount of visitors on your online booking page

  • the amount of visitors landing on your "thank you for booking" page

Link examples:

  • You book an appointment via (website url) /online-booking

  • After completing the booking process you land on (website url) /thank-you

Installing the success url

Add a "thank you" page to your website. Then send our support team the link to this page via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your Salonized account. We will then install it for you.

Do you have any questions about this? Let us know!

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