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Prepaid cards and accounting
Prepaid cards and accounting

In this article you can read how strip cards are processed in the reports, for accounting among other things.

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It is important to go through how the prepaid cards are processed for the reports in Salonized, which you use for accounting.


Turnover and VAT

At the time the prepaid card is sold, the prepaid card is not yet added to the turnover. However, the VAT is already calculated, so it is calculated at the time of the sale of the prepaid card.

In the Reports, the sale of a prepaid card for 100 euros leads to the following results:

Turnover = € 0.00
Prepaid cards sold = € 100.00
VAT = € 17.36


Payment with a prepaid card

As soon as you use a prepaid card as a payment method, the amount is added to the turnover. To continue with the example above: I am now using the sold prepaid card as a payment method on an invoice. This provides the following information:

Turnover incl. VAT is now € 16.52
Prepaid card that was sold is still € 100.00

The VAT has already been settled on the sale of the prepaid card (namely € 17.36)
Therefore, VAT is not charged again on this turnover amount.


Are my reports correct?

To see if the reports are correct, the following data must match exactly:

On the left:

∙ Total turnover incl. VAT + gift vouchers sold + strip tickets sold

 = equal to

On the right:

∙ All payment methods on the right

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