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Contracts with digital signature
Contracts with digital signature

Learn more about: creating contracts that can be signed by customers and how to digitally sign them.

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Do you require prior permission from customers, for example for a treatment or for processing special personal data? You can create a contract in Salonized where you can save a digital signature. This way you can easily store your contract in a central location with the rest of the important treatment data for a customer. 

Create a new contract with signature field 

  1. To create a new consent form/ contract, go to 'Forms' via the Settings page 

  2. Then click on "New Contract" in the upper right corner 

3. Once you have clicked on "New Contract" you enter the name and the contract text.

Note: This text can no longer be changed after the contract has been signed by at least one customer.

4. You can sign a contract via a customer profile and via the appointment in the agenda. 

5. The customer can place a signature at the bottom of the contract by using their finger on an iPad or by using a computer mouse with a computer. The customer's name and signature date are automatically stated on the contract.

Note: Once the contract has been signed, it can no longer be modified.

Another possibility is to send a contract digitally to a customer via e-mail or have the contract sent automatically when a certain treatment is booked. Read this article to find out how to set this up.

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