You can add your chores, such as cleaning, into your calendar to get a more complete overview of all the hours that you've worked.

A chore is an activity which counts as 'hours worked', but at the same time clients can not make any appointments with you during your tasks.

Now you have three different kinds of activities which are being registered for your administration:

  • time /hours for appointment with your clients

  • time /hours for your chores (cleaning, administration, marketing)

  • time /hours of absence (not available)

How to create a new chore

You can create a new chore in your calendar and in your 'analytics' function you can see all your work hours listed.

This is where you enter a new chore into your calendar. The description you'll choose will appear in the data export as well. That way you'll be able to measure the exact amount of time you spend on different kinds of chores.

In your calendar a chore will be shown with green stripes. This helps to tell it apart from 'absence', which is visible by grey stripes.

The symbol in the right bottom corner will also indicate that this chore will be added to your work hours. An Absence will always be taken off the total amount of work hours.

Time management

When logged in to your account, in your 'reports' you'll find a tab called 'employees'. Here you can see how many work hours they've collected, but also how many appointments, invoices and average invoice worth they've had.

You will find the following types of work hours:

Hours: the amount of scheduled hours in the roster

Booked hours: the amount of scheduled hours with clients in the calendar

Worked hours: The amount of scheduled hours with clients + the amount of hours scheduled with tasks.

Right on top you can select a custom period for your report.

Tasks for the entire company

You can also create tasks for the entire company. For example: you all visit a trade show or attend a workshop.

Tasks for the entire company will be counted as worked hours for each staff member that works on the specific day.

Export of the hours

The reports show you an overview with all the worked hours. You can also export these hours to a spreadsheet. The description next to the worked hours allows you to see how the hours are utilised.

You can make an export for each month via Settings —> Data export

The export is sorted by employee

You have two types of worked hours: Appointment and Chore and in the last column you see the total of worked hours. Total worked hours = Total duration appointments + Total duration chore (tasks)

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