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Adding holidays and absences
Adding holidays and absences

Learn how to add your holidays and absences to make sure you won't get any bookings if your not available.

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Do you want to add an absence to your agenda? This is how you do it.Go to your administration section ("admin") and click on Absences (left menu). You can then select if the absence applies to your entire company or to one employee and add a description. 

Another way of adding absence is via your agenda.

  1. Go to your agenda

  2. Click on a day and time

  3. Select Absence

Then you will see the absence in your agenda. Now you can click on the absences and swipe it to another time or day. Furthermore, you can adjust te time in case the absence will be longer or shorter.

Adjust the time length of your absence in your agenda

Do you want to change the time length of your absence? Then bring your mouse to the bottom of the absence in your agenda. Then a little arrow will appear. Click on this arrow and then swipe up or down depending on if you want to shorten or expand your absence.

Do you want to reschedule your absence, because a customer just called to make an appointment in that time? No problem. Just select the absence and swipe it to another time. You do not have to adjust the change of plan manually.

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