Customer Alerts

Have some customer information which needs to be mentioned when you create an appointment? Learn more about customer alerts.

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Do you have some customer information which needs to be mentioned when you see an appointment for the customer on the agenda? You can set up a "customer alert" for that piece of information. We explain here how this alert works and when you will need to use it. 


Customer Alert in the Agenda 

First, you will have to set the customer alert. When you create a new appointment, a red icon will appear behind the customer's name, and this is meant to inform you about the alert you set up earlier. If you hover your mouse over the icon, you will see the message;

You can decide what information will be included in the alert field. Later on this page, we will explain how to set this message. 


Appointments with customer alerts

In the agenda, an icon will appear in the appointment. It will show you the alert-message if you hover over the icon your mouse. 

Also when you click the appointment to open the appointment detail screen, you can read the important message you had set up as customer alert.

You can use the customer alert function for all kinds of things. It is basically meant to record information that you always want to be reminded of. You will get reminders of this information with every appointment that you make for the relevant customer. For example, the alert can remind you of severe allergies, outstanding invoices, or maybe even the message that you no longer want to serve this customer.

Customer alerts are also shown at the top right section via the search function and in the customer search bar in the register.


How to Create Customer Alerts 

You can create a customer alert in the customer profile. It is an open content field. Alerts are not automatically created at the moment.

You can follow these steps to create a new customer alert:

  • Go to a customer profile and click "edit customer" on the pencil button (or add a new customer)

  • Scroll down in the modal and write something in the "Warning when saving appointments" field 

  • After saving this information, it will be shown when creating a new appointment for this customer and on other places that we mentioned above.

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