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Additional fields (custom fields)
Additional fields (custom fields)

Learn how to create extra custom fields that you can use to add to your customer base.

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When adding a new customer to your customer base you'll see fields such as "Name" and "Date of birth", but you can add extra custom fields.

An example could be "IBAN number" or "Company name":

We call these "additional fields" and are meant to be added manually.

Creating additional standard fields

This is where you create additional fields: Settings → Customers → Settings → ADDITIONAL FIELDS

Additional fields in communication e-mails

Once you've filled in the new field in the customer's profile, you can choose to automatically add this new information to your communication e-mails (read more about this in "E-mail communication")

If you have a dog grooming salon and you want to show the dog's name in every automatic e-mail, you can install this.


  1. Add "Pet name" in an empty additional field and then click "Save".

2. Search for a client (and click on edit customer) or add a new one, then add the pet's name in the new field.

3. Go to Settings → Communication and select the message where the name should be mentioned so that you can add the correct variable.

Every additional customer field has its own variable (code) that you can add to the message:

The third variable has been used in this example, so you will have to add the {{custom3}} variable to the message:

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