Salonized automatically sends Email appointment confirmations, reminders, birthday wishes, rescheduled appointments. Although all of Salonized's automatic emails already contain text, it is obviously nice to be able to edit the messages so that they fit perfectly with your own individual style. 

Here, we look at how you can edit a message.

  • Go to Admin

  • In the lefthand menu under the subcategory Company click on Communication

  • Select a message you would like to personalize. Now you can edit the message your customers will receive. All variables in brackets like for example {{first_name}}, will be filled in automatically

In total you can add up to 24 variables to your communication emails. Adding a variable to your communication email allows you to add specific information about the appointment. For example, the variable "{{first_name}}" automatically adds the name of the correct customer into the email's text.

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