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Adding booking widget to Wix
Adding booking widget to Wix

Learn how to add your online booking widget to Wix.

Updated over a week ago

Wix installation. You have the option to integrate the online appointment widget with your website. Please follow these instructions to give your customers the option of making online appointments through your own website.

  1. Navigate to the "PROMOTE" page in Salonized

2. Select Booking widget from the submenu on the left
3. Copy the entire code that you'll find at the bottom of the page, by double-clicking the code and then copy (Ctrl + C or CMD + C)

4. Go to your Wix website and click on edit
5. Go to the right page and section of the page you wish to install the online appointments widget on
6. Then click on the + symbol located in the menu on the left hand side. Then click on more

7. Select HTML Code

8. A new window will appear. Click on Enter Code en paste the code you previously copied

9. Adjust size and place
10. Now your customers will be able to book appointments online from your personal website!

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