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Google Reserve integration
Google Reserve integration

Receive online bookings directly via Google. In this article, you will learn how the Google Reserve integration works.

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Receive online bookings directly via Google. In this article, you will learn how the Google Reserve integration works.

About Google Reserve

In order to give you more visibility and bring you one step closer to your (potential) customers, people will also be able to book an appointment with you via Google, thanks to our integration with Google Reserve. This way you will be able to add even more online appointments to your agenda.

Google is a starting point for many different actions. One of these would be searching for a salon in your neighbourhood. The customer will be able to book via Search, Maps or Google assistant. Once the customer has booked an appointment it will immediately appear in both their own Google Calendar and your Salonized calendar.

In order to show customers the correct times, Google will need to know your availability. We will pass that information on to them, as this will be synchronised with your Salonized account. You will only need to update your agenda and roster in your Salonized account.

This means: no extra work for you. But definitely a platform to accept extra online bookings, besides your website, Facebook and newsletter!

You can see what booking an appointment via Google looks like in the video below.

This is how Google Reserve works

  • The customer looks for a salon nearby and finds your salon in Google Maps with a "book online" button.

  • The customer books an appointment directly via Google. The available options that are bookable via Google are the same ones that are available in your own online booking widget.

  • The appointment ends up in your Salonized agenda.

  • The customer receives an appointment confirmation from both Salonized and Google, separately.

  • The customer gets to see the appointment in their Google Calendar as well.

  • The customers will also receive a feedback request from Google after the appointment. This is really useful because you will automatically be collecting reviews on your Google profile, which are beneficial for your traceability on Google!

Good to know...

  • You have many different settings for your online agenda in Salonized. If you change one of these settings it will be synchronised overnight via the integration. Any changes that you make will function in Google Reserve the next day.

  • Example: if you change the name of a service, the change will appear a maximum of 24 hours later in Google. This change is immediate for your own online booking widget from Salonized (on your website).

  • When you add an absence for an employee or remove the opening hours for a specific day, it will appear directly in Google as well.

  • The appointments that have been booked, modified or cancelled by a client via Google Reserve will directly appear in your Salonized agenda.

  • The customer will be able to book one service per booking.

  • Did you enable the "online payments are mandatory" setting in your Salonized account? Keep in mind that if a customer books via Google Reserve, they will not be able to pay online for the appointment. So, the customer will be able to book via Google, just not pay online for it.

  • Both the price and duration of the service will always be displayed in Google. Even when you disable this option in Salonized.

  • Services with a price of € 0,- will not be shown. If you happen to have a free service, change the price to € 0,01,- so that service also appears in Google.

  • The earliest a customer can book an appointment via Google Reserve is a month in advance.

  • You will see a "G" in the right lower corner of the appointment in your Salonized account. This will indicate that the booking has been made via Google.

Enabling the integration

You cannot use the integration (yet) if you use the Multi-Location or
"rooms" agenda.

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