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Enable reservations with Google
Enable reservations with Google
Receive new bookings directly via Google. On this page you can read how to enable the integration.
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At this moment, this integration is not yet available for the account
type Multi Location.

In most cases, you can automatically book via Google. You don't have to do anything yourself! You can check this by going to the Integration page in Salonized. Behind the Reserve with Google integration is a red button with Disable? Then the integration is enabled and you are already bookable through Google!

If you see a green button with Enable behind the integration, then the integration is not yet enabled. In this case, follow these steps in order to be bookable via Google:

1) Click on Enable behind the integration Reserve with Google

2) Google profile (If you already have this, you can skip this step)

Create a company profile on Google so you can be found. Without this company profile, Reservations via Google cannot be linked to your Salonized account. Your Google profile will get an extra option: planning.

3) On the Reserve with Google page in Salonized, type in the search field your business name, with the name your Google Company Profile is registered with (in our case we would type the following, you type your business name)

4) The online cancel and reschedule settings must be enabled, these are required settings for reservations through Google. You can then continue with the integration by clicking on save.

Tip: Have you deliberately disabled these settings for your customers and want to keep it that way? Then make sure your email templates (appointment confirmation, reminder etc.) do not include the following codes (so check and remove them if necessary).

If these two codes are not included in your email templates, you can safely enable the online cancellation and online rescheduling settings. These only apply to Google bookings (which is a Google requirement), but not to all other appointments!

5) Click on save at the bottom of the page to complete the integration!

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