In this article we'll explain which kind of settings there are for the online payments in your booking widget.

Click on the menu on the top right and then on Promote. Here you'll find your Online booking settings.

On the bottom of the page, you'll find Online Payment. Here you can choose, whether you want people to pay (a certain percentage) in advance or not. You've got the following options:

With the option Online payment is mandatory and Clients must pay a certain percentage, you have the option to set this setting for all your clients or only for new clients.

The system recognizes clients as new, when:

  • They book an appointment with a mail address that's unknown to the system

  • At least one appointment of that client has been marked as a No-Show

You can also decide to charge transaction costs. If you don't want to do that, you can just leave the field Online payment transaction costs empty. If you want your customers to pay transaction costs, you set the amount here (e.g. €0,15).

Are you using the gift card widget? In that case, customers must pay in advance, even if the setting 'Online payments' is deactivated. You can find more information about the gift card widget here.


Click on the menu on the top right > settings > invoice setting. Here you find all the settings for the invoices. When a client has paid, he'll receive an invoice automatically. In these settings you can set, what kind of information you want to have on these invoices.

In the field Recipient Information, you can set, which kind of customer details have to be displayed on the invoice. You can also upload your company logo at invoice image. The invoice header appears on the top right corner of the invoice and you could add your business information and registration number for example. The invoice footer will appear on the bottom of the invoice.

Prepayments for online bookings

Do you want you clients to pay deposits instead of the whole amount? Read the following article to get to know more about that online deposits:

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