Are you managing multiple locations in one account? In this article we’ll explain everything about the different filters that you can use.

Location Filter

On some pages there is a location-dropdown. With this dropdown-menu you can choose which location you want to view. You’ll find this menu on the following pages:

  • Calendar (choose whether you want to view the appointments of one specific location or all appointments of all the locations together)

  • Register (create separate invoices for separate locations)

  • Products/Stock (view the product stock for the different locations)

  • Financial Reports (view all revenues for the locations separately or the overall revenues)

  • Settings (Manage the employees and their schedules for all locations separately)

You'll find this dropdown menu on the different pages, for example the agenda or the cash register page:

All locations in one overview

On some pages you can choose to view the data of all locations together. That’s possible on the following pages:

  • The calendar: Click on ‘All locations’ in the dropdown menu in the calendar to view the appointments of ll the locations in one calendar

  • The financial reports: Click on ‘All locations’ in the dropdown menu in the reports to view all revenues of all locations in one overview

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