Apple Calendar Integration

Linking your Salonized calendar with external applications like Apple Calendar (iCal)

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Welcome to the guide on linking your Salonized calendar with external applications like Apple Calendar (iCal). Follow these straightforward steps for a seamless integration.

Before you begin:

Copy your calendar link by navigating to Menu > Settings > Calendar Settings. The link is located above "Changes by customer".

Connecting Calendar via iPhone Settings:

  1. Go to 'Settings' > 'Calendar (app)' > 'Accounts.'

  2. Click 'Add Account' > 'Other.'

  3. Select 'Add Subscribed Calendar.'

  4. Paste your personal calendar URL to link.

Connecting Calendar via Apple Calendar:

  1. Open Apple Calendar and click 'Calendars' at the bottom.

  2. Select the 'i' next to the desired calendar.

  3. Choose 'Add someone,' enter their name, and use the plus sign to add contacts.

  4. Click 'Add.'

Connecting Calendar via iCloud:

  1. Go to Settings > 'iCloud.' Enable 'Calendars.'

  2. Open Apple Calendar, press 'Calendars,' then tap 'Edit.'

  3. Choose your desired calendar (e.g., 'Salonized').

  4. Under 'Shared with:', select 'Add someone...' and enter the person's name.

Note: Appointments from Salonized are sent to the Apple Calendar, but not vice versa. Please allow a few minutes for the synchronization.

For Computer Users (Macbook or iMac):

Refer to this article for steps on linking the Apple Calendar via your computer.

If you have any questions or encounter issues, feel free to reach out for assistance.

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