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In this article, we explain how to select service suggestions and what types of suggestions there are

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New! With our new calendar, we have worked to provide a better overview and quick and easy use. One feature that ties in with this is the automation of service suggestions when making an appointment. This way you won't lose any time when scheduling a new appointment!

What are service suggestions?

When creating a new appointment, several services appear under the 'Services' header. Click on one of these suggestions to add the service to the appointment. This will save you time as you will not have to search through the drop down menu.

There are 3 types of suggestions;

  • Popular services

  • Suggestions based on the customer

  • Additional suggestions

Popular services

When the appointment module is completely empty, popular services are displayed. These suggestions are based on the services that have been booked most often in the last 3 months.

Suggestions based on the customer

It is also possible to add the customer first when creating an appointment. In this case, the service suggestions are automatically adjusted based on the selected customer. These suggestions are based on the entire history of the customer and thus represent the services that this particular customer has booked most often.

Additional suggestions

Finally, there are additional service suggestions that appear when adding a second service. The additional suggestions are the services that are most often chosen in combination with the first selected service.

In the example below, the first service chosen is 'Lymphatic drainage'. The service 'Full service with everything' is the service most often chosen in combination with the first one and therefore appears as an additional suggestion.

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