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Learn here how you can create a discount code that customers can apply when creating an online appointment

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Would you like to treat your customers with a temporary offer? Or would you like to attract new customers by giving them a discount on their first appointment? Then take a look at our Salonized Premium Marketing Area.

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Create a discount code

You can create a discount code by clicking on the new 'Marketing' icon in the left menu and then > Discounts > Create discount code.

  • Name the discount code or let the system generate a random code. Customers will use this code to apply the discount in the booking widget.

  • Choose the percentage of discount you want to give. The discount will be applied to all individual services of an online booking.

  • Specify the category to which the discount code belongs.

  • Choose for how long the discount code will be valid. Is your option not included? No worries, you can always choose to manually enable or disable the code.

  • Choose the usage limit of the discount code

    • Limit the usage to one time per customer. The customer will be recognised by means of his/her e-mail address.

    • Limit the number of times the discount code can be used in total.

  • Save the discount code. The title and discount percentage will not be editable after saving.

Adding the discount to the booking widget

✨ Beware: this feature is only compatible with the newest version of the booking widget. If you are not using this version yet, you can read about how to add it to your website right here. If you any questions about this, please get in touch with our support team, they will be happy to help you out! ✨

Customers can directly add a discount code when making an online booking. The discount will automatically be deducted from the total price.

When checking out an appointment in the register, you can see that the customer made the online booking using a discount code.

Did you enable online payments? Then it is good to know that the discount will be calculated over the total of the services, not on the transaction fee.

Disable or delete a discount code

You can disable a discount code by editing the discount code and then switching the slider to the left. The discount code can no longer be used by customers in the booking widget. You can always re-enable the discount code at a later time.

It's possible to delete a discount code by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the discount code. By deleting the discount code, customers can no longer use the discount, and the associated data will be lost.

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