How to give a discount

On this page we explain how you to give a discount during checkout in cash register.

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On this page you'll learn how to give a discount during checkout in the cash register.

First it is necessary to add items, like a product or service, to the invoice. You can do that by selecting a product or service using the left panel in the register. Another way is to check out an appointment from the agenda.

Then click on an invoice item (service or product) in the right part of the cash register.

The invoice item then collapses and an extra line appears in which you can adjust the price or enter a discount.

A discount in Salonized is always added in percentages, in the last field. Do you want to give a certain amount of discount? Then adjust the price in the second field, for example from 30 euros to 25 euros. 

Create invoice with products / services of which 1 item with discountIf you add two identical products or services, they will be merged into one line. If you then enter a discount, the discount will be calculated for both products / services.

Is this not what you want? Instead, use the "copy" button behind an item to duplicate that item in the register

That way you can give one product / service a discount, and the other not.

How to give a discount on the total amount

Did you add 4 items to the invoice and would you like to give a 25% discount on the total amount?

In that case you give each item a 25% discount. At the moment, it is only possible to give discount per item, and not on the total amount.

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