Manage company info

Learn how to manage of edit your company info like name and address.

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To enter the company information, go to Settings > Company.

Enter your company details here so you can use them everywhere you need in your account, for example on invoices and in your automated messages.

Email settings

There are three fields where you can enter an e-mail address: notification email address, contact email address and billing email.

  • Notification email address: here we sent all booking notifications and other important system messages to.

  • Contact email address: we use this as sender for all outgoing email messages to your customers

  • Billing email: you will receive your annual or monthly invoice on this address.


By uploading your company logo, it will be automatically added to invoices and automated e-mails, like the appointment confirmation email. 

Social information

If you have social media accounts like a business Facebook account, Instagram or Twitter, you can connect them to Salonized. Once customers have scheduled an online appointment or left a feedback message, they will also see your social media pages so they can start following you.

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