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Learn how to create services as well as their categories.

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Before you start adding services to your Salonized account, you should first add the different categories that you offer. Categories are used to organise services, by first adding categories and then adding services (that you link to certain categories you create a clearer overview for customers when they look at your service list when booking online.

Step 1: Adding Categories

  • You can add a category by going to Settings > Calendar > Services > Add category

  • Give the category a name and colour (for the agenda). You can change the sort order in the services overview page by clicking on the little arrows in the blocks containing the category name or by dragging and dropping the category to the desired order.

  • The sort order of the categories is reflected in the online booking widget for your customers. By default, after adding the first category, the next ones will always appear right below the one created previously.

Step 2: Adding Services

You can add services after you have added categories, this way you can directly link the service to the correct category.

Most of in the services window speak for themselves, such as the name, price and the corresponding category. But there are other settings for the services, as you can see in this screenshot:

  • Additional service information - you can add important information about the service here, which will be shown online in the booking widget.

  • Processing time - Do you have a service where you have waiting time for the customer in between parts of the treatment? Example: let's say that a customer books a hair colouring service at a hair salon, where the application of the colour takes 30 minutes, then there is a processing time of 45 minutes (where the employee could be helping another customer) and lastly the colour gets washed out and the hair gets cut in 40 minutes after the processing time is over. That processing time of 45 minutes will open up a spot in the calendar so that someone else can book an appointment of 45 minutes in that timeframe.

  • Buffer time - This is optional. The number of minutes that you enter here will be added to the total duration of treatment at the end of the service. If you have an appointment of 60 minutes and the buffer time is 15 minutes, then the customer will see "60 minutes" as the duration of the service, but it will block the calendar for 75 minutes.

  • Adding a resource to the service - When creating a service, you can also add more resources to it, such as another employee* (example: for a duo massage), a room (service can only be performed in a specific room) or a tool (example: you only have one laser device, so a laser treatment can only be booked one time per time slot).

  • Service is available on specific days and times - here you can decide on which days a certain service can be bookable. If you don't want to offer a certain service all week long, this is where you indicate what the real availability for that service is.

* We charge 7.50€ (basic and pro package) or 5€ (appointments package) per month for every additional employee on top of the amount of your subscription. An extra resource costs the same, except for the Pro subscription (in that subscription you get resources (room/tool) for free).

Do you have further questions about services and categories?

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