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Learn how to create services and service categories.

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Before adding services, you can start by adding categories. Categories are used to organise services.

It is mainly useful for the online calendar; instead of a whole list of services within the category "General”, you can split the treatments within different categories. That makes it clear for you and for the customer.

Adding Categories

  • You can add a category by going to Settings > Calendar > Services > Add category

  • Give the category a name and colour (for the agenda). You can change the sort order in the services overview page by clicking on the little arrows in the blocks containing the category name or by dragging and dropping the category.

  • The sort order of the categories is used to make sense of the services list for the online appointment widget for your customers. By default, after adding the first category, the next ones will always appear right below the one created previously. If you want to change the order, use the little arrows pointing upwards and downwards or drag and drop the category.

Adding Services

You can add services after you have added categories, this way you can directly link the service to the correct category.

To create a service, go to Settings > Calendar > Services > Add service.

Most components in the services window speak for themselves, such as the name, price and the corresponding category.

“Add additional information for this service” - this can be extra information about the service which will be shown online in the booking widget.

Duration (in minutes) - Do you need the full duration of a service to treat the customer? Then fill in the total duration of the treatment, for example, 20, 30 or 45 minutes.

Processing time - Do you have a service where you can attend to other clients during the treatment? Do you have a portion of time that you are available for another customer? Then you can add a service with "processing time".
To create a treatment schedule, click the checkbox "This service requires processing time".

Buffer time - This is optional. The number of minutes that you enter here will be added to the total duration of treatment at the end of the service. If you have an appointment of 60 minutes and the buffer time is 15 minutes, then the customer will see "60 minutes" as the duration of the service, but it is blocked for 75 minutes in your calendar.

Adding a resource to the service - When creating a service, you can also add more resources to it, such as another employee* (example: for a duo massage), a room (service can only be performed in a specific room) or a tool (example: you only have one laser device, so a laser treatment can only be booked one time per time slot).

* We charge £ 6,50 (basic and pro package) or £ 4,50 (appointments package) per month for every additional employee on top of the amount of your subscription.

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