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Filtering customers
Filtering customers

Read here how to filter customers so that you can send targeted e-mails to specific customers from Salonized or Mailchimp.

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You can use the filter to select the applicable customers for a mailing, for example.

This is ideal if you want to send an email about the latest acne treatment, and send it to all customers who have ever been to your salon for acne treatment. Or if you want to send an email to customers you haven't seen in your salon for 3 months.

Filtering customers

Go to the Customers tab. On the left you will see a number of standard filters here:

How does the filter work? If you want to filter on the last appointment, then enter the values that the customers must meet. For example "last appointment is more than 90 days ago". It will then shows all customers who have not had an appointment for (at least) 90 days.

You can then use the e-mail addresses of these customers to send a targeted mailing, for example via Mailchimp.

Send the filtered segment of an email

You can send customers an e-mail in two ways. For this you can use the "simple" mail from Salonized or the Mailchimp program to send a newsletter.

Read here how you can send an email via Salonized, after you have filtered your customer base.

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