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Sending messages with Salonized
Sending messages with Salonized

Learn how to send an e-mail to all your customers.

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You can easily send an e-mail to your customers. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the tab customers (second icon in the blue bar, left side of your page).

  2. On the top right corner of your page, click on "send message".

Now you should see a window in which you can select what type of message you'd like to send;

Select "basic message" if you need to send out a message to all your customers in your customer base. A new window will open. You can now write your message.

Tip! You can use the variable in your e-mail content codes, such as: - {{firstname}} for the first name, - {{lastname}} for the last name, - {{salutation}} for the salutation (Mr., Mrs.) - {{companyname}} and {{companyaddress}} and {{company_email}} for the company information.

Please note, these codes do not work in the subject of the e-mail, only in the content box.


E-mail to a selection of customers

Using the filter feature allows you to select a group of customers and then a relevant e-mail.


E-mail to one customer

Follow these steps to send a message to an individual customer. 

  1. Go to the tab customers (second icon at the top) 

  2. Search for the customer who you want to send a message 

  3. Click on the customer 

  4. Click on the envelope icon to write your message

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