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Have you enabled the option to manage stock order? Then the inventory will update automatically.

The inventory is a list of the products you sell, with the current amount in stock and the value of this stock.

You can find your inventory on the Products page;

On this page you will find the total inventory value per product. The inventory value is calculated on the basis of the products for which a cost price has been entered. Products for which no cost price has been entered will therefore not be shown in the inventory.

You can also view the inventory for each supplier via the "Suppliers" tab.

The inventory is also included in the export of the products in your account. To do this, go to Settings > Data export > Products (download as an excel or csv file).

You have four columns regarding the inventory in the product export. You need this data for accounting purposes;

  • the current stock (amount)

  • and the current stock value,

  • the stock on January 1st of this year (amount)

  • and the stock value on January 1st this year.

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