This page explains how you can view invoice, editing invoices, remove invoices and linking an invoice to multiple employees

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To view an invoice

You have two ways to view invoices:

  1. Use the Cash Register > Invoices tab below; then you will see an overview of all invoices

  2. Open a Client Profile > then select tab "Invoices"; then you will see a list of bills for a given customer

To view an invoice, click the invoice number on the left. It then opens a pop-up page, where you can click on 'View PDF'.

Editing an invoice

It is possible to modify invoices at Salonized. For instance, you might want to adjust the date or the amount of the payment. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Go to Cash Register OR click on a customer profile

  2. Select the Invoices tab

  3. Find the relevant invoice

  4. Click on one of the invoices to open it, then click on "Edit invoice"

Next steps ....A. Want to edit a billing date?

  1. Click on "Edit invoice"

  2. You'll get a notification asking if you are sure you want to edit it: choose Yes

  3. Select an new invoice date

  4. Click on "Checkout" and "Complete invoice"

The invoice has now been adapted

B. Want to adjust the payment of the invoice?

  1. On the right, click on the Trash icon next to the payment

  2. On the left side, enter another payment

  3. On the bottom right, click "complete invoice" The payment has now been changed

C. Want to adjust the items included on an invoice?

  1. Click again on "Edit invoice"

  2. You'll get a notification asking if you are sure you want to edit it: choose Yes

  3. Use the trash bins on the right to remove the relevant items

  4. On the left you can add new items

  5. Click on "Checkout", below

  6. Has the amount of the invoice now changed? Remove the current payment and enter the full, correct amount

  7. Click below on "complete invoice" The items on the invoice have now been

Linking an invoice to multiple employees

  • Go to the agenda and click on the appointment that you want to checkout.

  • Click on the checkout button in the appointment overview window.

  • Now you're in the cash register. Select “multiple" in the employee field next to the customer's name.

  • Select an employee for each service/ product.

  • Finish the process by clicking on "checkout".

How to remove an invoice?

Removal of invoices is not recommended because it leads to gaps in the numbering of the series if invoices.

However, if you are only removing the last recorded invoice, the billing system will reassign the most recent invoice number to avoid gaps in the invoice numbering. When removing older bills, though, there will be gaps in the numbering, and as a result problems can arise. We encourage you to create a credit memo to delete instead of a bill. Find out how you can make a credit note.

Beside the invoice is a waste bin icon. If you click that icon, the invoice will be removed.

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