Join Receipts

Every once in a while, it is handy to be able to join receipts during the payment process.

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Every once in a while, you might want to join receipts during the payment process, for example when a mother wants to pay for herself and her daughter. This help page explains how to use this feature.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your agenda on the appointment that would like to pay

  2. Click on the check out button in the window with the appointment details

  3. Now you are in the cash register section. On the invoice you will see the following notification:

4. Now go back to your agenda
5. Select the other appointment that you want to add to the preselected appointment.
6. Just like in step 2, click on check out to be forwarded to the cash register.
7. Now the following window will appear:

8. Click "YES"
9. You will now see an overview with all the appointments that have been added to the invoice:

  1. If you add all the appointments to the invoice, you can click on check out and finish the payment process.

Good to know: The invoice and income of the joined payment will be saved under one customer: the customer that is paired to the first appointment that you checked out. You can change the customer in the register:

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