A credit note is an invoice that generates a negative amount. This allows you to correct an invoice or return products from your customers.


How to credit the entire invoice

To make a whole invoice credit note, go to the Cash Register tab and find Invoices

Find the relevant invoice and click create credit invoice to create the credit note.

A credit invoice can be made when the entire amount of the invoice must be returned to the customer, or when you want to undo an invoice.

Example: You have a cut and shampoo keyed in and saved. From the moment it has been accepted, the items are in the bookkeeping and logged. If you want to return the items or correct this amount, you will not be able to delete the invoice; rather you will have to make a credit note. This will ensure that the bookkeeping is properly maintained.


  1. Click duplicate to credit invoice after the invoice.

  2. The items in the register are now red, indicating that they are negative numbers.

  3. Click checkout at the bottom.

  4. Select a payment method: in what way do you intend to return the customer's money? Or: in the case of making a correction, select the same method of payment as was used on the original invoice.

  5. Round off the invoice.


To Return a Product (Partial Invoice)

Example: Using the cut and shampoo as above, let us say that the customer wants to return the unused shampoo. Thus, the cost of the cut must remain, while the shampoo is credited.


  1. Click "duplicate to credit invoice" arrow, as before.

  2. Delete the items to remain on the invoice. That is the items not to be credited

  3. Click "checkout" at the bottom.

  4. Select payment method as above, usually returning the funds the same way the customer paid them in.

  5. Complete the credit invoice.

In the case of a product being returned via credit not, the system will automatically update the stock correctly and include a negative amount in the relevant reports.

This method can also be used to credit several parts of a multi-item invoice, for example, to return 3 out of 5 products.

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